Made In Newcastle – Update

So I am hopefully going to have a break after the Gateshead Flower Show which is on from Friday to Sunday and then I have a few markets here and there but will be concentrating on my online shops and also the Made in Newcastle Shop.

Anyways this is a super quick update and post to show some more recent photos since the shop has opened, and hopefully all my stock will be in the shop the end of the first/beginning of second week of August.

It’s looking really fab so if you are in/around Newcastle come pop into it as it is at 22 Nun Street near heart of city.

Amanda x


Leona From LadyLuckRulesOk is coming to Newcastle…

Want to come and take part in the Leona from LadyLuckRulesOk touring talk and workshop? This will take place in the newly opened Made in Newcastle on 22 Nun Street on the 28th of August a Saturday.

The workshop is: (quoted)

”The Trade Secrets Talk will cover topics such as how to start, run & grow an independent creative business; how to successfully sell online; PR, marketing and social media; wholesale and trade shows; and how to deal with the tough stuff like competitors and copycats.

The jewellery workshop will reveal all our unique production methods & materials including how we made our personalised jewellery, enamel & gold charms, glittery broken hearts, printed acrylic pendants, fuzzy wooden animals & mixed media Midnight Forest designs. I’ll also detail the importance of sampling, working with manufacturers, where to source and practical tips on how to get the best results. The techniques involved can also be applied to many other products inc. accessories, clothing, homewares, greetings cards and stationery.”

You can purchase tickets from here… LadyLuckRulesOk

I can not wait to meet Leona in the Made in Newcastle shop :)

More Japanese Fabrics arrive…

Three new Japanese fabrics arrived with me this morning. I LOVE the space one!!!

These will be added to Handmade By Button hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

My Tweet SwapBot swap arrived!

Well what a surprise I got when my little Birdie Tweet Swap from ejorpin on twitter showed up with the postman the other day. I eagerly opened the parcel to find…

Tweet Birdie

A pink birdie pin cushion and a matching birdie purse!

Birdie is very friendly and he soon made a new friend and his friend looks just like him but is yellow and furry!

Birdie will hopefully love living in England now :)

Lumpy Bear – Custom Made Pink Stripy gets new Home at Kite Festival.

This Lumpy Bear was custom requested for her new owner, Lumpy had to be stripy and also with pink love heart long rabbit ears to hold onto along with brown eyes and a brown nose.

So here Lumpy Bear is:

Pink Stripy Lumpy Bear

Before Lumpy Bear left for her new home she went to look at the Kites

So a fun day was had and then Lumpy Bear met her new owner and went away happily to her new home.

Bye Lumpy! :)