Good enough to eat new Cotton Poplins online…

New cotton poplins are now in my online shop over here >

Plus lots more!


New Cotton Poplins added to Online shop

Some new fabrics have been added to the ‘Cotton Poplin 2’ category.

Drawing a Friend did of me… @neo0031

So my friend loves drawing and said he was bored one night so I asked them to draw a picture that represented me and how they saw me :)

Well they did not dissapoint and here is said image, drawn within 1 hour :)

My own Summertime handmade swap item…

Well here are pictures of my handmade swap item I made for my partner who was @dotsandspots on twitter.

I absolutely love sunflowers and they seem to be happy bright items and people normally love them in summer so I made a sunflower pin cushion and also a spotty lumpy bear as I heard they loved spots!

I hope Lumpy Bear is loving their new home…

Summertime Handmade Swap

Firstly… yes I am a very bad blogger and I will hold my hand up and admit it…

Secondly I was meant to blog about this in May when it arrived (not sure how it came to be July???) and I will apologise now to Giddystuff my receiving swap partner I never blogged when I said I would :(

Well I guess it is better late than never right?! :D

So I set up a SwopBot Summertime swap between crafters on twitter and everyone was assigned random send/receive partners.

Imagine my surprise when this arrived!!!!

It is absolutely beautifully made and stitched with such detail! It now sits proudly on my desk in my craft room smiling at me each day. You can see Giddystuff’s blog here

Thank you for the beautiful handmade product.

Lumpy Bear Paper Toy – My first!!!

Well as some people who I chat to on twitter know I have been working on my very first Lumpy paper toy… I have been trying to add it to my main website to download but zen cart is not having any of it so here it is!

Lumpy is designed to print onto A4 thin card (I used 160gms) and Lumpy Bear stands up once finished!

Lumpy is a free download so everyone can enjoy him :)