Pins + Needles 2012 Workshop from Buttons Boutique – Russian Doll

Well the time is nearly upon us again for Pins + Needles 2012 from 29th March to the 31st which will be at the Newcastle Race Course this year rather than the Arena.

I taught workshops for the first time last year and I made these fabulous felt cupcakes and everyone had great fun and went home happy.

This year however I am going to be doing a workshop on this 3D Felt Russian Dolly. Dolly will be approx 20cm tall and will stand up so can be used as a pin cuhsion, decoration etc.

Workshops will have 15 people in maximum and can be booked via Initial J’s website from around 5th January 2012. (One of my workshops practically booked out within 2 weeks so if going get booked fast especially for the Saturday!)

Hope to see some of you there again this year.


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