Ikea fabric workshop I attended

Last Friday night I attended an Ikea fabric workshop it was for family member and places had to be booked in advance. There was basically a whole range of Ikea materials available and you could then cut them up and sew them to create a colleged material piece. The person who lead the workshop was called Mandy Pattullo and is a textile artist (Can see website here> Mandy Pattullo )

An example of Mandy Pattullo work that was displayed

I decided to do some kind of transport theme after seeing the fabrics and added in some animals (don’t ask about the lobster I just liked him and decided it had to be part of my work) I didn’t manage to get it all finished within the 2 hours but managed to sew a lot of it together (this is a before picture). I will post another picture once I get it finished.


Octopus friend Plush as download on Korbond Website

As I mentioned a little while ago I have been doing some tutorials for the Korbond website for the Sewing Solutions section. I created this super cute Octopus which is now available as a free download!

The link is here http://www.korbond.com/sewing-solutions/craft-sewing-projects

Once you make your Octopus friend please link me pictures of them, as I would love to see them from various fabrics.

Missing Lumpy Bear from Stanley Co Durham 22nd May 2012

Lumpy Bear has gone missing in Stanley Co Durham last night. Did you see or find him? If so please let us know.