Handmade By Button is no more + BS EN71 Testing

So these last few weeks have been the most busy and crazy of my life and it is now at the point where I have to make decidions …long post but here goes… (Disclaimer….This below is my ramblings and I am by no means a law expert so if any info is wrong then I have understood it incorrectly from what I have read online/others….)

I’ve been talking a lot to people these last few weeks about things and I’m not not if you have heard about the BS EN71 law that was brought in officially last July? I wasn’t… Well if you don’t its basically that all toys must now be fully safety tested/fire tested/and contain safe materials after they have been tested they have to have an EN71 label attached and supplied with all products.

 Well basically nearly all my handmade falls into this category as it includes everything that is knitted and also things like keyrings/magnets/masks/fancy dress etc. They have basically said in the law that if it looks like a toy (even if it is not and my problem is I actually make my items and it is actually late teens and adults who buy my items for themselves) it is classed as a toy and everything for under 14’s now has to be tested and be safe to EN71 on all 3 parts. Something that was said online in a conversation with someone was that the actually keyring has to pass all 3 parts of the test but the keyring top part doesn’t (Don’t ask me how they came up with this but its in part of the law they passed.)

 I can comply on my felt and stuffing (that I sell in my retail premises and will provide paperwork to anywho who buys and needs it) as that comes with EN71 information but it is the fabrics etc I am having the bother with in regards to chemicals as I am currently talking to my wholesalers but they themselves don’t actually know this information, but even when fabric comes back as safe every toy seller needs to have fully tested evidence of the fire/safety in records and offical testing is £130ish PER TOY and if there is a variation on the toy that also has to be tested.

 Trading standards are starting to have massive crack down on this (They have already been going through facebook pages and people have already been pulled on it and also at craft fairs) but there is grace period apparently until around next July for wholesalers to make sure the chemicals in the fabric part is complient if they are not and should be, but I have come to the decision after talking to my mum that I am retiring all my handmade products and basically starting again but with adult only products as it is too much hassle and trouble to even get these products tested and to test each and every different kind and then test variations of kinds… well I will be spending all my time testing and then have to make hundreds of exactly the same which defeats the purpose of handmade as it is meant to be unique and different.

 So that basically now leaves me at the point of not having any handmade stock including Lumpy Bears having to also go *cries* (apart from pin cushions but even all these need completely re-packaging with all information supplied) as I have immediately removed all stock out my shop as well as soon as I was notified about this.

 I am going to do new handmade (I am booked into 2 handmade fairs One June and July…oh dear…) but what I will make I’m still considering but it will be for adults and not contain anything I made in the past.

So that is basically it…


My brain doing this animation…

Well I’m nearly finally finished my animation to illustrate the peom “TV” by Roald Dalh. This is what my brain feels like doing this animation! Only 3 scenes left and I am finished :)

Momiji Doll workshop…

I attended a Momiji Doll workshop yesterday with a number of friends. You get a blank doll and you then decorate your doll as you like. Momiji Dolls are message dolls where you put a small folded message in their bases.

Here are the pictures…

Here I am decorating my dolly I decided to make her funky with multi coloured hair :)

This is a picture of Stacey’s Doll (Red Hair left) and then Meriems Doll (The Dotty Pigtail one)

The other 3 Dollies are all official Momiji ones.

Helen’d Dolly complete with her iPad which is constantly stuck to her side ;)

To make the day even better we were treat to some fizzy pop and some mini Cupcakes to munch on.

Drawing a Friend did of me… @neo0031

So my friend loves drawing and said he was bored one night so I asked them to draw a picture that represented me and how they saw me :)

Well they did not dissapoint and here is said image, drawn within 1 hour :)

The sad and lonely Monster finds a new home!

Well as alot of people know I held a competition week ago to find This poor ultra soft fluffy monster a new home.

Monster was made as a surprise gift for someone as they liked fluff, but when I showed them monster they look at him and went “What is it!?” I said… “A Monster…” They said “hmmmm” So yes I did not give the person Monster as Monster deserves a loving home where it can go on adventures and eat as many cookies as he likes…

So I posted on twitter asking for the best reason to let monster go live with the winner. The winner was Lynsey from SwirlyArts with the reason “Because he looks like he is growing a new tooth and we have just bought more toothpaste. Healthy teeth=healthy monster :)” This really made me laugh :)

So here are the photos of Monster loving his new home and he really seems the outdoor type and if currently on his way to Scotland!!! Lucky Monster….

Leona From LadyLuckRulesOk is coming to Newcastle…

Want to come and take part in the Leona from LadyLuckRulesOk touring talk and workshop? This will take place in the newly opened Made in Newcastle on 22 Nun Street on the 28th of August a Saturday.

The workshop is: (quoted)

”The Trade Secrets Talk will cover topics such as how to start, run & grow an independent creative business; how to successfully sell online; PR, marketing and social media; wholesale and trade shows; and how to deal with the tough stuff like competitors and copycats.

The jewellery workshop will reveal all our unique production methods & materials including how we made our personalised jewellery, enamel & gold charms, glittery broken hearts, printed acrylic pendants, fuzzy wooden animals & mixed media Midnight Forest designs. I’ll also detail the importance of sampling, working with manufacturers, where to source and practical tips on how to get the best results. The techniques involved can also be applied to many other products inc. accessories, clothing, homewares, greetings cards and stationery.”

You can purchase tickets from here… LadyLuckRulesOk

I can not wait to meet Leona in the Made in Newcastle shop :)

My Tweet SwapBot swap arrived!

Well what a surprise I got when my little Birdie Tweet Swap from ejorpin on twitter showed up with the postman the other day. I eagerly opened the parcel to find…

Tweet Birdie

A pink birdie pin cushion and a matching birdie purse!

Birdie is very friendly and he soon made a new friend and his friend looks just like him but is yellow and furry!

Birdie will hopefully love living in England now :)