Matching Finger Puppets for the Easter Hand Puppets.

To go with the Korbond Easter Puppets I also made matching Easter finger puppet templates, which people could make baby bunnies and lambs etc to go with the mammy or daddy big ones. The images are below if you just print them at A4 Size on a printer. The downloads and instructions are on the Korbond Sewing Solutions website. Have fun! Please Note: These are for home use only and not to be made into items to sell or re-produce. Thanks.

bunny template lamb2 lamb easter chick


Easter Hand Puppets on the Korbond Sewing Solutions Website.

As seen as this easter is cold and some people still have snow why not check out the recent Easter Hand Puppets I made for the Korbond sewing solutions area on their website. There is an Easter Chick in an egg, an Easter Bunny and also a Fluffy Lamb (to keep him warm in this cold weather). They can be found over here > Korbond Sewing Solutions.

The Puppet Gang

Octopus friend Plush as download on Korbond Website

As I mentioned a little while ago I have been doing some tutorials for the Korbond website for the Sewing Solutions section. I created this super cute Octopus which is now available as a free download!

The link is here

Once you make your Octopus friend please link me pictures of them, as I would love to see them from various fabrics.