Buttons Boutique Workshops for Pins & Needles 2013

I will be back up at Newcastle Racecourse on the 15th and 16th February 2013 to do two different workshops this year. Workshop One at 1.15pm will be a Mushroom Pin Cushion made from felt at 10cm tall which will be hand embroidered to decorate. Workshop Two at 2.30pm will be a Rabbit pin cushion which will have patterned fabric patches on his tummy and ears and stands 14cm tall to top of the ears.

Workshops can be booked now over here Pins + Needles Workshops and can be booked at event if any tickets are remaining. Approx 20 spaces on each workshop are available.


Mushroom & Rabbit Pin Cushions


Ikea fabric workshop I attended

Last Friday night I attended an Ikea fabric workshop it was for family member and places had to be booked in advance. There was basically a whole range of Ikea materials available and you could then cut them up and sew them to create a colleged material piece. The person who lead the workshop was called Mandy Pattullo and is a textile artist (Can see website here> Mandy Pattullo )

An example of Mandy Pattullo work that was displayed

I decided to do some kind of transport theme after seeing the fabrics and added in some animals (don’t ask about the lobster I just liked him and decided it had to be part of my work) I didn’t manage to get it all finished within the 2 hours but managed to sew a lot of it together (this is a before picture). I will post another picture once I get it finished.

Workshops at Pins & Needles 2012

I was invited to carry out workshops again at the Pins & Needles craft show which was held up at Newcastle Race Course this year.

I decided this year I was going to hold a Russian Doll Pin Cushion workshop, so here are the photos and some of the finished dollies.

Pins + Needles 2012 Workshop from Buttons Boutique – Russian Doll

Well the time is nearly upon us again for Pins + Needles 2012 from 29th March to the 31st which will be at the Newcastle Race Course this year rather than the Arena.

I taught workshops for the first time last year and I made these fabulous felt cupcakes and everyone had great fun and went home happy.

This year however I am going to be doing a workshop on this 3D Felt Russian Dolly. Dolly will be approx 20cm tall and will stand up so can be used as a pin cuhsion, decoration etc.

Workshops will have 15 people in maximum and can be booked via Initial J’s website from around 5th January 2012. (One of my workshops practically booked out within 2 weeks so if going get booked fast especially for the Saturday!)

Hope to see some of you there again this year.

Workshop on the 11th December 2pm until 3pm.

The new workshop on the 11th December from 2pm until 3pm is to make x3 Christmas Decorations.

Gingerbread Person Workshop 3rd + 4th December

On the 3rd December + 4th December I will be running a gingerbread person workshop where you can choose 2 gingermen shapes and then use any combo of ribbons and buttons threads etc (loads more styles available) to decorate your gingerbread people after you have sewn up and stuffed them.

Workshop on Sunday 20th November

The workshop that will be running on Sunday 20th November is a felt cupcake one where you get to make a felt cupcake in your choice of colour.