The sad and lonely Monster finds a new home!

Well as alot of people know I held a competition week ago to find This poor ultra soft fluffy monster a new home.

Monster was made as a surprise gift for someone as they liked fluff, but when I showed them monster they look at him and went “What is it!?” I said… “A Monster…” They said “hmmmm” So yes I did not give the person Monster as Monster deserves a loving home where it can go on adventures and eat as many cookies as he likes…

So I posted on twitter asking for the best reason to let monster go live with the winner. The winner was Lynsey from SwirlyArts with the reason “Because he looks like he is growing a new tooth and we have just bought more toothpaste. Healthy teeth=healthy monster :)” This really made me laugh :)

So here are the photos of Monster loving his new home and he really seems the outdoor type and if currently on his way to Scotland!!! Lucky Monster….