Leona From LadyLuckRulesOk is coming to Newcastle…

Want to come and take part in the Leona from LadyLuckRulesOk touring talk and workshop? This will take place in the newly opened Made in Newcastle on 22 Nun Street on the 28th of August a Saturday.

The workshop is: (quoted)

”The Trade Secrets Talk will cover topics such as how to start, run & grow an independent creative business; how to successfully sell online; PR, marketing and social media; wholesale and trade shows; and how to deal with the tough stuff like competitors and copycats.

The jewellery workshop will reveal all our unique production methods & materials including how we made our personalised jewellery, enamel & gold charms, glittery broken hearts, printed acrylic pendants, fuzzy wooden animals & mixed media Midnight Forest designs. I’ll also detail the importance of sampling, working with manufacturers, where to source and practical tips on how to get the best results. The techniques involved can also be applied to many other products inc. accessories, clothing, homewares, greetings cards and stationery.”

You can purchase tickets from here… LadyLuckRulesOk

I can not wait to meet Leona in the Made in Newcastle shop :)